Saturday, September 19, 2009

Those Things That Other Anglers Do That Piss Me Off

What are the little annoyances that you've encountered in your fly fishing life? Those things that are minor but it still rubs you the wrong way?
I know you find it hard to believe but I have a list and I just know this is the blog entry from me that you have long waited for so without further ado here are my fly fishing pet peeves and petty annoyances.

Hero shots where the angler is holding his rod in his mouth....irritating! Or the dumb ass who holds a small fish way out in front of him to make the fish look huge.
People who use stupid nick names for rivers are particularly annoying. Hey the Deschutes is not "The Big D" and the Metolius is not "The Met" show some respect how 'bout it?
How about being called a "Fly Chucker" or "Water Swatter"? Does that bother you?
Then there are those idiots who have pet sayings to describe catching a fish. One moron on says "SHABAMALAM" when he posts about catching a fish...Good God!
A Burkheimer fly rod is not a "Burkie" by the way. Oh I could just go on all night with this stuff.  Steelhead are not "steelies" and cutthroat trout are not "cuttys" and rainbows are not "'bows"
Remember Fishing and Hunting News? That fishing rag with the week old reports about the hot fishing? It always had those stupid sayings like "Hot steelie action to be had on the big "D" Thank God F&H News died a well deserved death.
Oh I realize it's all pretty harmless stuff but we old guys like to have something to bitch about and there is plenty of really serious things to get really angry at right?
So anyway I think I'll head over to the big "D" for some hot steelie action with a few of my fly chucker pals. I may take my Burkie and head over to the Met for some 'bows.
Be sure to look for my picture. I will be the one with my fly rod clenched in my teeth while trying to make my 11" "cutty" look like it's bigger.

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  1. I'll add one...
    People who post in forums under pseudonyms like 'fishslayer24-7' or 'man of steel', 'fish fear me' or 'troutkiller'. Get a clue folks.

    Also drift boats or jet boats that drop anglers in runs like a B-52 bomber, then pick them up and do it again and again and again...