Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day

Here we are some 37 years after the first earth day in 1970. Have we made progress in those 37 years? Maybe some but it's for sure that we have a long ways to go. Face it folks global warming is a fact! It's inescapable and irrefutable and most of all it's not political. Unfortunately those who believe that the earth is our "whore" to screw at our pleasure will not accept the fact that we have contributed greatly to global warming. Why is it we, as Americans, think we have all the answers and we know what is best for the entire world? Surely there must be other smart people in other countries! Well the Bush administration made it very clear from the beginning that our environmental laws are fine as long as they don't keep multinational corporations from making billions.

Oh they use cute sayings like "Clean Water Initiative" and other deceptive sayings but the fact remains that this administration continues to try to water down the ESA, propose the opening of the Arctic Wildlife Refuge for oil drilling and open national forest for logging and roads not to mention not listening to sound environmental science.
The battle for the Metolius is just another example of what is happening for the sake of profit.
I happen to think out rivers and lakes and wilderness areas are our gift to our children and grandchildren and so doesn't it make sense to do all we can to protect them? We owe it to them.

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