Thursday, April 12, 2007

Save The Metolius....Update

I wrote my state senator Bruce W. Starr and asked him to support SB30 which would prohibit the construction of destination resorts within the Metolius basin and here is the response I got from him.

Dear Shane,
Thank you for the email.
I am hesitant to support SB 30 and bypass the local process that
is currently underway. I appreciate your writing and will watch the
bill. It may be amended and I could modify my view of the bill.

Bruce W. Starr
Oregon State Senate
District 15

Here is my response back to him

Thank you for responding Sen. Starr but I cannot agree that this should be handled on the local level. Apparently the local county government is the one trying to push these zoning changes in order to accommodate the construction of these destination resorts. The Metolius is one of the real special places in Oregon and it would be a shame to see it ruined for the sake of a golf course and resort. The general public in Oregon cannot afford to stay at Central Oregon resorts like Sun River or Black Butte Ranch but the natural beauty of the Metolius basin is something everyone can enjoy. I urge again to please consider supporting SB30.
Shane Stewart
Hillsboro, OR.

Being the son of a former republican state senator Charles Starr and land owner here in Washington County I did not expect much from Sen. Starr and so I was not disappointed. His father did a lot of zoning law hocus-pocus and I expect no different from the son.
By letting the local Jefferson County government settle this he is basically giving his blessing to what they are trying to do.
Any of you that love this river and wilderness area should contact your state senator and express your concern.

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  1. The Metolius River is a gift to all Oregonians, not just Jefferson County residents and elected officials. This "Crown Jewel" needs to be protected. There is a second and final public hearing in Salem, April 26, 2007 @ 600pm,900 Court Street NE, Hearing Room C. Support is needed through attendance, and voicing opinion on this very vital issue. Please visit for more information.