Sunday, April 08, 2007

No More Wild Fish?

Were you guys aware of that? Gee I wish someone would have informed the rest of us ignorant people

Here are some quotes from gear/bait oriented NW fsihing website that shall remain nameless.

As far as I'm concerned, the descendants of the hatchery fish in the rivers are natives once again. I don't know that we should take fish from one river and put them in another, but I don't know how much that would hurt, either. I'm sure some natives find new rivers to spawn in naturally

It gets better folks! Here is more brilliance

So we should let all fish spawn in the rivers, triple our hatchery output and start eating everything. I can tell you fish with fins taste just like the ones without.

Then these pearls of wisdom

The hippies like to say wild fish are genetically different, and their right! boys and girls are genetically different, everybody is genetically different, but we are all the same species! its just a way to split hairs, and spin the truth. saying that hatchery fish are inferior and should be destroyed is insane, it just pushes an agenda. funny thing is if you look carefully their beliefs parallel those who want a "pure" or "superior" race, the same who believe people who suffer from genetic defects such as retardation do not deserve a chance. don't get me wrong, I'm in no way putting the same value on fish as humans, just trying to illustrate the same flawed thinking! but then again I know a few people lower than squawfish!!!

Forunately there are people out there that know better and are the voice of reason. The quote below is from someone within the same thread. It shows that there are some that believe in the importance of strong native fish populations.

Too imply that there are no longer native fish, is also pushing an agenda.

There are still native fish. There are watersheds/tribs that were never stocked. There are creeks and streams with wild native spawning fish.

And, you didn't say just salmon. There are most definitely native trout in this state and they are amazingly different and adapted to their river system.
If you stay focused only on the biggest rivers, the biggest producers, you might see more hatchery fish, cause that's where we focused hatcheries. The little waters are still there. They still have natives. I hope we will always have native fish.

So what point am I trying to make? Simply this! There is a lot of ignorant and uncaring people out there that think any natural resource is just ours to plunder as we see fit. That kind of thinking has gotten us to the where we are today. We are perched precariously on the cliff of extinction of native fish runs...sorry for the pessimism but there it is. If not for groups like Native Fish Society, Oregon Trout and others we would be plunging headlong over that cliff and into the abyss.
There are also a lot of uneducated folks out there that just don't know what is true or false.
We need to do our best to inform them and not let them fall for the lies those "arm chair" biologists try to spread.
Sorry for the preaching but this kind of stuff really get's my blood up.

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  1. good stuff stew...some attitudes are insane.

    at least the carp remain wild! (i'm just joking...this sickens me too)...