Saturday, April 14, 2007

Our Responsibility

North Fork Umpua River looking upstream from Mott Bridge

I've been thinking about this topic for quite awhile and just couldn't get into words what I wanted to say.
Do we, as anglers and outdoor enthusiasts, have a responsibility to be good stewards over the natural resources we enjoy? Or are we just users of that resource, never putting anything back.
I know as for myself I could do a lot more than I do. I could spend the day cleaning up stream side garbage or donating money to groups that fight for what we take for granted. I, as a retired person, could volunteer more of my time to the things I hold dear.
I believe we Americans have what I call the "Costco" mentality. Those of you that have shopped at Costco know what I am talking about if you've ever been there on a busy Saturday afternoon. We see aisle after aisle of all this merchandise and it's too much for our senses to take in. We feel we better push and shove in order to get all we think we need or are entitled to because it just may not be there next week.
I see the same type of behavior when it comes to our rivers and lakes. We feel entitled to what is there like it's owed to us or something and therefore it's ours to plunder. Forget about doing anything to actually makes things better because it's our God given right to take all the earth has to offer.
That type of thinking is abhorrent! Anyone who thinks that has no soul as far as I'm concerned.
So go ahead and call me a salmon hugger or tree hugger or whatever but I happen to think that we have some places in this country and this world that are worth saving! Places that should be preserved and not looked upon as a way to generate revenue and make some international corporation wealthy.
Ask yourself you have just a little time or even money to give back to the things in the outdoors that mean so much? Or are you just a user and feel it's all owed to you?

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  1. Shane-
    Could it be as easy as picking up trash while you're fishing, or taking a walk while the river's low in the off season and collecting mono and whatever else is left behind? It feels good. Is it enough?

    (Off topic)I've been meaning to ask you about an old favorite place of mine off the Tillamook Hwy. Ever hear of Jordan Creek? Not sure I could even remember where it is now. I think Jim's Creek is nearby. Anyway, it sounds like you may have fished around there a time or two. If you have, how's the fishing?