Monday, June 22, 2009

Bored Out of My Skull

Here it is the first day of summer and I'm bored to tears! Cutthroat trout fishing sucks! It's too early for Deschutes steelhead and a drive over there for trout is becoming cost prohibitive.
I'm running out of things to bitch and rant about here on this blog so what's a retired old guy to do?
Well there are some excellent clamming tides this coming week and so I could join the rest the Pacific Northwest and dig my 15 razor clam limit but that would require me to actually get off of my lazy ass and make a little effort. Because of a bad back I would take my daughter with me to do the physical stuff with the gun and shovel.
I could also go to the Clackamas and swing some flies for summer steelhead but the chance of actually hooking one are as unlikely as me looking good in a spandex body suit although I could use the practice.
I could fulfill my wife's ultimate fantasy and clean the house or do yard work! Yeah right! Refer back to the spandex remark for the likelihood of that happening.
What a vexing situation I find myself in.
So if any of you are willing to come by and pick me up at about noon, I like to sleep in you know then take me to your favorite, can't miss, trout or steelhead honey hole. Then make sure all I have to do is step out of your vehicle and start fishing then maybe I can get out of this boredom.


  1. Chris C.2:38 PM

    Have you tried sight casting for carp? Good times...

  2. Gotta leave that to John Montana!