Monday, June 15, 2009


I won! After a long and protracted battle I can finally claim victory! After many months of misery and the outpouring of a lot of money I can now savor the fruits of victory.
What is it I am victorious over you ask? I finally found and repaired the annoying leak in my favorite pair of breathable waders. Hey it might not mean anything to you but after countless wet pant legs and many tubes of expensive Aquaseal I pinpointed the leak and declared a jihad on it with more Aquaseal. I water tested these old Dan Baileys and the result was as dry as some of my dumb jokes.
I know some of you can identify with a favorite pair waders that you just can't let go and that was what these waders are to me.
These waders walked up the Deschutes canyon many time and fell into the Nestucca,Wilson,Kilchis and Trask rivers with me many more times, much to the amusement of various fishing buddies I might add, and those prat falls we what probably gave me the leaks in the first place.
So my other pair of waders can breathe a sigh of relief as they will get a break from keeping my fat ass dry.
The old Baileys will live to fight another day!

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