Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Dumbing Down of the Northwest Salmon Problem

As I browse this so called world wide web I am constantly amazed at some of the things I read. The internet is a vast source of information but it's also a vast network of dumb ass people.
I'm no Einstein mind you but my God! Are people really that dumb?
Take the Pacific Northwest for instance. As I read various fishing forums and communities I am hardly ever surprised at the ignorance I encounter especially when it comes to common sense fishing issues.
As I've discussed here more than a few times we have a major catastrophe facing our salmon returns. The fish are just not there and so the great unwashed masses are trying to affix blame for why that is happening. The more learned people realize that ocean conditions coupled with a myriad of contributing reasons are what have us in the situation we have now.
These dumb shits that have somehow figured out how to not only log onto the internet but have actually learned to communicate their ignorance to the masses...thank God for Spell-Check right?
We have those that believe that sea lions are the big culprit in disappearing salmon and the state should allow open season on them by actually allowing the use of high powered rifle to "assassinate" the offending pinnipeds at Bonneville dam. Sheer brilliance huh?
There are those who want to blame every shore bird from Caspian terns to cormorants to mergansers for the missing salmon. Of course with far too many of these idiots the use of firearms is the most simple solution.
Then there is that nuclear physicist from Tillamook Anglers that blames marauding schools of cutthroat trout for devouring all the little salmon and has applauded the killing of these wild trout.
Oh it gets better folks!
From the down playing of the role of dams, habitat loss and other human intervention this mass of seemingly lobotomized "harvesters" has all the solutions to bringing back our salmon and it almost always involves the eradication of some other species.
It's all pretty sad actually. These not only don't get it but I think they are just dangerous. Like I said we should never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. All one need do is look at the effect that conservative talk radio has had on the weak minded hoards.
So instead of solutions all that is happening is a bunch of finger pointing and the wild salmonids of this region lose and so do those of us that are capable of abstract thinking.


  1. The liberal space aliens are controlling the sea lions. They hate salmon!

    Or...could it be us....?

  2. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Blaming seals for the end of salmon is like blaming buzzards for finishing off a dying possum that has been hit by a semi.
    No shortage of people with uninformed opinions to be sure!